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Indonesia is a country rich in various kinds of plants to cure diseases, but unfortunately the people of Indonesia itself rarely, or almost no use of natural resources may be better even safer and more effective for our bodies, they prefer to use modern medicine derived from material that may have side effects to the human body. For that I am trying to provide information about traditional medicines may be safer for our bodies, and I also invite you to try herbal or traditional medicine prescriptions handed down by our ancestors.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ants Nest Plants

Ants Nest Plant Benefits

Diseases which can be Healed

Ants Nest has been empirically proven to healing a variety of mild and severe disease, like cancer and tumors, gout, coronary heart disease, hemorrhoids, tuberculosis, migraine, arthritis and leukemia. Regarding the mechanism of the active compound content of ant nests in treating these diseases is still necessary to conduct further research. Some diseases can be cured and the possibility of active compounds that contribute to conquer the disease is explained as follows.

1. Cancer and tumors
The types of cancer and tumors, both benign or malignant, which can be cured with Ants Nest is a brain cancer, nasal cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, uterine cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, and cancer blood (leukemia), except the throat and oral cavity cancer.
Ants Nest ability empirically for the treatment of various types of cancer / tumor is allegedly related to the content of flavonoids. There are several mechanisms of flavonoid in combating tumors / cancer, for example inactivation of carcinogens, antiproliferasi, inhibition of cell cycle, induction of apoptosis and differentiation, angiogenesis inhibition, and reversal of multi-drug resistance or a combination of these mechanisms.

2. Cardiac disorders, especially coronary heart
Until now the mechanism is unclear, but the ability of ant nests for the treatment of various diseases / disorders of heart had something to do with multi-mineral content of ant nests, particularly calcium and potassium.

3. Mild or severe stroke
Treatment of stroke is strongly associated with the possibility of multi-mineral content contained in ant nests.

4. Pile (hemorrhoids)
Ants Nest ability to hemorrhoid treatment (hemorrhoids) associated with the content of flavonoids and taninnya high. Both groups of this compound in some studies it has been proven to treat hemorrhoids.

5. Lumps in breast
The meaning of lumps in the breast is not a tumor swelling (non-neoplasm). Allegedly healing mechanism similar to the cases of tumors and cancer, by relying on the ability of flavonoid contained in the ant nest.

6. Impaired renal function and prostate
Mechanism of treatment of renal dysfunction and prostate probably something to do with the content of antioxidants (flavonoids and tocopherol) and multi-minerals that exist in ant nests.

7. Menstruation and vaginal discharge
The process of treatment for vaginal discharge and menstruation launch something to do with the content of flavonoids, tannins, and multi-minerals, especially calcium and zinc.

8. Blood circulation
High antioxidant content (tocopherol and flavonoids) and multi-minerals contained in the nest has an important role in blood circulation.

9. Migraine (headaches)
For the treatment of migraine associated with flavonoid function and multi-minerals in ant nests, particularly calcium, sodium, and magnesium.

10. Lung disease (TB)
Treatment of tuberculosis associated with the role of flavonoids contained in the ant nest that serves as an antiviral.

11. Rheumatic (arthritic)
This is related to the ability of flavonoids as inhibitors of xanthine oxidase and antioxidant enzymes as well as tocopherol as an antioxidant and multi-minerals contained in the ant nest.

12. Nasal allergic disorders, nosebleeds, sneezing
The compounds responsible for this disorder are antioxidants (tocopherol and flavonoids) and tannins.

13. Heartburn
As with tuberculosis, which plays a role in ulcer treatment are flavonoids contained in the ant nest as an antibacterial.

In addition to the above Savor the ant nest also has other benefits such as:

1. Smooth and increase breast milk
Multi-mineral content of plants from ant nests suspected to have an important role in launching and increase milk production, accelerate the recovery process of the health of mothers after childbirth, and restore femininity (Vagina close up.)

2. Restore sexual desire
High antioxidant content (tocopherol and flavonoids) and multi-mineral plant-ant nests suspected to have an important role in increasing sexual arousal.

3. Restoring the body's stamina
High antioxidant content (tocopherol and flavonoids) and multi-mineral plant-ant nests suspected to have an important role in restoring freshness and stamina.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pare and Benefits

Who does not know the Pare (Momordica charantia), this plant is bitter. But, behind the bitter taste that was stored million for health benefits. Consider the chemical ingredients contained in plant pare. The fruit contains albiminoid, carbohydrates, and pigments, the leaves contain momordisina, momordina, quarantine, resins, oils and fats, while the roots contain amino acids momordial and oleanolat. Seeds contain saponins, alkaloids, triterprenoid, and momordial acid.
Pare plants (Momordica charantia) originated from tropical Asia, but it is not certain how long these plants into Indonesian territory. Pare the current crop is cultivated in various regions in the archipelago. Typically, cultivation is done as a sideline. Pare land planted in the yard, or fields, or in former rice fields as the interrupters in the dry season. Plants pare (untouchable) is a herbal plant one year old or older who grew spread and spread. Which is a vegetable crop of this fruit has a leaf shaped like a finger with a yellow flower. The fruit surface pimple - pimple and taste the bitter fruit. Pare plants are very easily cultivated and grows does not depend on the season.

Pare has a different name in every area including Prien (Gayo) Pariah (Toba Batak) Foria (Nias) Peria (Malays) Kambeh (Minangkabau) Papare (Jakarta) Pariah (Sunda) Pare (Central Java) Pepareh (Madura) Paya Truwok (Sasak ) Pariah (Bima) Pania (East) Popari (Manado) Beleng gede (Gorontalo) pariah (Makasar) Pariah Bugis) (Papariane (Seram) Papari (Buru) Papare (Halmahera) Ternate Kepare ().

Plant Benefits Pare:
Taste the bitter fruit of this is causing some of the benefits found in fruits pare
it. Pare the fruit benefits for human health are:
a. Can stimulate the appetite
b. Can cure jaundice
c. Facilitate digestion
d. and as a malaria drug
In addition to pare the fruit, leaves pare it also has benefits that are not inferior to men. Benefits include:
a. Can cure diarrhea in infants
b. The blood of women who recently delivered
c. Reduce heat
d. Pinworms can issue
e. Cough cure
Apart from all that is over, no study has ever done to prove that plants can pare decrease the number of sperm in male white rats, which pare can be said to be as natural family planning drugs for men because it contains substances antifertilitas

Fare Types:
Pare lard
Pare is the most cultivated and most preferred. Pare Pare is commonly called white or pare butter. Form of long fruit with a size 30 to 50 cm in diameter from 3 to 7 cm, the average weight of 200-500 grams / fruit. Pare is from India, Africa.
Pare Green
Pare green oval, small and green with a little rash smooth. Pare is a lot of kinds, including chicken pare, pare frog, or pare pare ginggae base. Of various types are the most widely planted is pare chicken. Pare the fruit has a long chicken 15 to 20 cm. Meanwhile pare ginggae small fruit only about 5 cm. It was bitter and thin flesh. This green pare easy maintenance, without the propagation or para-pare the green plants can grow well.
Pare Import
Pare types originated from Taiwan. Seed Pare is the final hybrid
stock so that if the plant can not produce new seeds. If forced, too
will produce an ugly and distorted from the original. In Indonesia
there are three varieties that have been circulating of Known-you green, Known-you no. 2, and
Moonshine. The third difference of import is pare of the skin surface,
Pare eel
Fare types this is less popular. Elongated shape like an eel length
between 30 -110 cm and 4-8 cm in diameter. Fare does not include eel Momordica sp,
but classified as type Trichosanthus anguina L.
Even so people are more accustomed to entering pare these eels into pare species.

Benefits Aloe Vera as a medicinal

In the television ads we encounter many shampoos that use raw materials or the main ingredient of the aloe vera to create anti-dandruff shampoo. Because of the aloe vera gel can protect the hair and skin from the sun. This is why manufacturers use Aloe vera shampoo for anti-dandruff shampoo. but the actual efficacy of the aloe vera plant is not just for that. Many of the benefits of aloe vera for healthy human body.
In the modern treatment, aloe vera began to rise as an American citizen in 1940 discovered the benefits of aloe vera gel. And the results of these studies include:
1. Work slows HIV Virus
The researchers found benefits from outside of aloe vera gel can serve as the body's defense system. It is estimated that this substance can inhibit the HIV virus or work to stimulate the immune system work with AIDS.
2. Improve Digestion System
According to experts from IPB Ir Sutrisno Koswara, consume aloe vera can help facilitate the digestive system, is due to the benefits of Aloemoedin and Aloebarbadiod substances, including compounds of anthraquinone groups.
3. Natural antiseptic and antibiotic
Saponin content of the aloe vera has the ability to kill germs and anthraquinone compounds can relieve pain and antibiotics. This substance is also able to stimulate formation of new cells in the skin.
4. Protects skin from dehydration
Lignin content of the gel can protect the skin from dehydration and keep the humidity. This substance is used by cosmetics manufacturers to various skin care products and beauty.
Also Aloe Vera is also a Healthy Delicious Food
The many benefits of aloe vera make food producers are interested in processing the raw material of food. Evidenced by the variety of food products from Aloe vera on the market. Start from the sale of fresh, made sweets, juice, aloe vera powder to the gel. in other countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China has much to consume a mixture of Aloe Vera Juice, Candied, and even tea.

Cassava for Health Benefits

Cassava actually has a variety of benefits for our health. Please refer to the following benefits:
1. Cassava good for your low-calorie diet.
Why? This is because cassava is a food with carbohydrate content is lower than rice and bread, with a high fiber content that makes the stomach still felt full for a long time.

2. Cassava good for your digestive health
Cassava is a tuber which contains a lot of Fiber or Insoluble Fiber is not soluble in water. This type of fiber works to smooth the process of defecation, and able to absorb and remove toxins in the intestine, so that you become healthy digestion.

3. Benefits of Yams by Prof.. Hembing Wijayakusuma, medicinal plant expert
According to him, the pharmacological effects of cassava is as an antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-tumor, and increase appetite. A common part used in this plant is the leaves and tubers.
Cassava tubers contain calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B and C, and starch. Leaves contain vitamins A, B1 and C, calcium, calories, forfor, protein, fat, carbohydrate, and iron. While bark contains tannin, peroxidase enzymes, glycosides, and calcium oxalate.
Besides the food, the cassava plant has many medicinal properties. Among other arthritis drugs, headache, fever, wounds, diarrhea, intestinal worms, dysentery, night blindness, beri-beri / leg swelling caused by worms, and can increase stamina.
Overcoming arthritis can be done with the use of inner and external use.
In external use, as many as five pieces of cassava leaf, 15 grams of red ginger, and enough whiting, crushed and added enough water. After stirring, herbs smeared on diseased parts of the body.
On the use of, 100 grams of cassava stems, one stem lemon grass, and 15 grams of ginger boiled in water up to 1000 cc 400 cc left. Then, the water is filtered and drunk as much as 200 cc. Do it two times a day.
Overcoming headaches, pounded cassava leaves and then used to compress. As drug fever, 60 grams of cassava tree, 30 grams of jali which had been soaked until soft boiled with water to 800 cc 400 cc left. Potion and drink filtered water as much as 200 cc. Do it two times a day.
Overcoming fester, fresh cassava stems crushed and then placed on a sick body part. To scratch, grated cassava and then attached to the sick and bandaged.
Drugs affected by injuries since a hot body, and squeezed grated cassava. The water was silenced for a moment until his settles starch, and starch was applied on the injured part.
Addressing diarrhea, seven pieces of boiled cassava leaves with water to 800 cc 400 cc left. Then the water is filtered and drunk as much as 200 cc. Do it two times a day.
Drugs worms, bark 60 grams and 30 grams of cassava leaf china ketepeng boiled with 600 cc of water until the remaining 300 cc. Then the water is filtered and drunk at bedtime.
Overcoming beri-beri / sick elephant foot, 200 grams of edible cassava leaves as lalap / eaten raw.
To increase stamina, 100 grams of cassava, 25 grams kencur, and five grains angco (red dates, buy at drug stores / food china) which has been seeded, blended with enough water added. Then add honey and drink